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Worm and move

Tag came up positive for worms again and this time also a slight Cocci.

 Apparently we don’t need to do anything about the latter just yet but with all the rain we’ve had we’ll be testing often this year 

Meanwhile Tag got 30 ml Caprimec twice 48 hrs apart then 48 hours later we moved them on clean pasture. This happened yesterday 6/10/16.

Also copying an interesting link here for reference.



More worms

The re/testing of the goats showed that Tag still has a high load. 


We re-drenched her on Sat 25 June but without a proper gun it got a bit messy. We were aiming to give her 30 ml, we think she got the best part of it.

Now we’ll wait and re- test her after 10 days.

UPDATE: 10 days later Tag’s count was 60. We did not retreat. 3 months later she is at 1200. 

Goat drench and rooster move

The goats are wormy again.


So like last time we drenched them twice 48 hrs apart and we have prepared the old paddock to move them back into 48 hrs after drenching the second time. Tag and Monty got the best part of 25 ml each, Pilly got 13ml which may have been a little low for her weight.

We will re-test them 10 days after the second drench to see if it has worked.

In other goat news, last week Tag has decided to wean Monty so we are back at milking every day. She is giving about 1.5L each time.

Last night I also moved our spare 5 Roos to the old chook pen with a view to let them free range once they’ve gotten used to their new home. I have left Rosie in charge of the big pen and I have left AAron in with him as they seem to sort of get along… We’ll see. Now that there’s fewer rooster I have also moved Alisha and Cybrhia back in the big pen after they spent over a month in the old peacock pen. I had moved them as they both had a bare back due to breeding season and molting and Cyinthia even had a deep cut from the rooster. They are all better now with most feathers re-grown. 

Monty’s boots and worm free

Monty visited the vet in Braidwood a couple of weeks ago.

X-rays of his front legs and close inspections revealed that he does not have any arthritis (yet) but he does have a sore spot just above his hoof on the right front leg.

The vet said his problem is being too big (not fat, just big) and his legs are getting deformed as a result. He got put on a course of Cartrophen to lubricate his joints and that seems to make a difference but then we went back to see the farrier who put some special horse shoe polymer on his hoof. That made an immediate difference. Time will tell if this solution helps him long term but for now he is much much happier!

 Meanwhile another worm check came back to show Tag and Monty’s load to be 0 and Pilly’s to be 60. Some may be due to the fact that Tag and Monty’s samples we a couple of days in the bag and on/off in the sun but will repeat in a few weeks

Paddock move

After worming them 4 days ago, then again 2 days ago, I moved the goats to fresh paddock today. To further avoid them infesting themselves with worms we also built them a hay rack. They seem to like it.  


Will worm them again in 2 weeks and get them tested again. Hopefully better results.

In other news, Miley fellin the creek in Bungendore today. Totally my fault. She was shaking her head for a while but seemed fine otherwise. I gave her a rinse when we got home and later I put 3-4 drops of swimmer’s ear drops from the chemist in her ears. Hopefully no infections 😦 


Wormy goats

tge goats looked fine but after discussions with breeders about rotating paddocks, which we font do o tot the it poi tester and to my horror their worm count came back really high, around 2000 per g. 

   I started giving them : ACV in the water, livamol  and sea week in a dish. They seem to like  the livamol. I tried 1/4 teaspoon of copper sulphate which they didn’t take. Put some on their gums once. 

Plan us now to drench twice 48 hrs apart then move to clean paddock another 48 later.

Calculated their weight using heart girth x heart girth x shoulder to hip length / 300. This is done in inches and gives you weight in pounds. Tag and minty came to about 75kg, Pilly at 25. She got 7.5 ml of Caprinec the others got 20. Did that yesterday. Tomorrow second drenching. 10 days after that I’ll re-test them and 2 weeks from tomorrow I’ll re-drench.

Hopefully this’ll fix it. 

Worms be gone

Tag and Monty got drenched with Caprimec today. Monty got about 13 ml, he spat half so I had to give him some more, and Tag got 23-24 ml.

monty using mum as a hay rack

In other news the cophos arrived for the llamas. The bottle does not take the gun do we put the gun needle onto a syringe with a screw top. It worked OK, but the dose is 10 ml per 150 kg animal and our syringe was 3 ml so jabbing them 3 times wasn’t fun. 

Anyway, Connie got at least 8 ml, Carol, Renata and Reba 6. It was a spit fest so I didn’t do anyone else.

I also changed the guinea pigs bedding… Not very interesting but I want to see how long it lasts. Babies due soon.