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Worms and fleas 

Gotta love summer. All the bugs are having a great time.

I found our dog Miley to have fleas so I treated her for that. I also gave her worming tablets. She has been losing condition so I hope this will fix her. If not it’ll be vet next week.

We gave the goats a bunch of injections:

Tag got 4 ml Noromectin subq for pigs and cattle . Dose for 100kg. This has a 1 month milk withholding 

Monty got 4ml Nornerctin and what I had left of Cartropgen for his legs. It was only 1.5ml which is 1/2 dose

Pinky got 2.5 ml Noromectin and 1 ml glen act as a booster one month before she’s due to kid IF she is pregnant…


1 ml for health

Vaccinated goats with 1 ml Glrnvac 6 in 1 today.

Did the all behind the elbow. Monty and Tag in the left, Pillybon the right. They all did great and so did I, gentle injections which hardly required and restraints.

After the injections I could feel Monty had like a ball in the area, but I thought it was too far back to be from the vaccine. Will keep an eye on it.

Next due early May but if will is pregnant she’ll need it in late Han, 1 month before due date.

Also collected more poo from Tag at the 10 day mark. Will see if the bread drench worked.

Miley got clipped very short all over. Many hot spots to deal with other but no fleas 

Big vet day 

The Braidwood vet came out today to do a whole bunch of things. They were great.

This is what we did:

  • Snowy bunny got her calici virus vaccine
  • The goats got their vaccine (1ml glenvac), CAE and JD blood test (results in a while) and Monty got Cartrophen
  • Milton and Ravel got castrated with twilight sedation and local anaesthetic 
  • Milton Ravel and Ariel got microcipped. 

All went smoothly a part from Milton who had a couple of glitches. He had trouble clotting so he bled a bit but that eventually worked. What was more of a shock and a scare was that he had a bit of a seizure after he had the microchip put in. Usually we put the into hip into the neck, but other breeders said it should go behind the left ear. So we tried that this time and it was not fun! The vet was quick with cortisone but the seizure settled when Damian blew in his face. Go figure. His sedation also seemed to have hit him a bit harder than Ravel. He walked around not very long after but then had another long sitting down section, away from the herd, I sat with him until he got up and ran to the herd. 


poor Milton recovering from it all
After castration they also got long lasting penicillin. Vet suggested vaccinating them soon as the vaccine contains anti tetanus. Will do soon.

So proud of all my animals, they all behaved so well!!