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Big vet day 

The Braidwood vet came out today to do a whole bunch of things. They were great.

This is what we did:

  • Snowy bunny got her calici virus vaccine
  • The goats got their vaccine (1ml glenvac), CAE and JD blood test (results in a while) and Monty got Cartrophen
  • Milton and Ravel got castrated with twilight sedation and local anaesthetic 
  • Milton Ravel and Ariel got microcipped. 

All went smoothly a part from Milton who had a couple of glitches. He had trouble clotting so he bled a bit but that eventually worked. What was more of a shock and a scare was that he had a bit of a seizure after he had the microchip put in. Usually we put the into hip into the neck, but other breeders said it should go behind the left ear. So we tried that this time and it was not fun! The vet was quick with cortisone but the seizure settled when Damian blew in his face. Go figure. His sedation also seemed to have hit him a bit harder than Ravel. He walked around not very long after but then had another long sitting down section, away from the herd, I sat with him until he got up and ran to the herd. 


poor Milton recovering from it all
After castration they also got long lasting penicillin. Vet suggested vaccinating them soon as the vaccine contains anti tetanus. Will do soon.

So proud of all my animals, they all behaved so well!!


The good the bad and the ugly

Let just leave the good for last so we finish on an up or we’ll just go looking for a bridge to jump off!

The bad:

Milton has lost some weight today. He seems OK though he is never bouncy and happy like the other 2 babies. His tail is up, which we’ve decided it means his tummy is not sore, and with a lot of encouragement he nearly finished his bottle. 

Milton aka Squidget

He is drinking from mum and having a great go at the hay. I am going to assume that my digital bathroom scale used in the paddock is a less-than-accurate method of gauging his growth, but it had so far served me well so I am a little concerned and annoyed at this loss. We’ll make sure we offer him milk several times a day still and hope we reverse the trend soon.

As a side note I also want to note that my favourite chook Amy has been slowing down over the last couple of week and I think she’s on her way out. Very sad! 

 The ugly:

The last of our peachicks (baby peacocks) died. In a very fun podcast I have been following, the guy has a Hard Lessons Learnt segment in each episode. Well this last death certainly is a hard lesson learnt for me. 

baby peachicks

 When our peahen Luna nested in January, we tried everything to protect her from fox attack. Peahens nest on the ground and become easy pray to foxes. I was acting upon another hard lesson we learned a couple of years ago when our beloved first peahen Aurelia (our Jamie peacock’s soulmate) got taken by a fox while sitting on a clutch. But neither enclosing the nest, nor moving Luna and her eggs to a safer location helped and she ended up leaving her eggs. In two occasions, we put the eggs under 2 broody chicken hens we had at the time. MISTAKE! I had vowed to never create these mix matched families as I thought they’d just be trouble down the track. Of course I was right but the lure of saving some half incubated eggs and of having cure little peachicks got the best of me. I now feel beyond guilty as my vanity and stupidity caused the death of 5 gorgeous little ones! One died about 24 hours after hatching and the other just all died quickly at around the age of 3 months. We have no idea why. They were all good weights and well feathered plus still had mum to go under for warmth. After the first couple we thought they perhaps weren’t getting enough protein so we started feeding the rest up with mealworms  a few times a day. Still they died. All I can think of is that there’s some disease in the pen that they are very susceptible to, whereas everyone else is resistant. Or just that not having their proper mum means they are not looked after the way they should be. Either way, I think next year we’ll make a big frittata out of the peacock eggs!

And the lesson? Follow your gut feeling and not your vanity and DO NOT make un-natural families. 

The good:

About time hey? The new baby llama (name still under discussion) is doing great. He seems to have slight weakness in his rear right leg but he is jumping around and running like crazy so I think he is fine.

Lost of fun to watch!