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Worms and fleasĀ 

Gotta love summer. All the bugs are having a great time.

I found our dog Miley to have fleas so I treated her for that. I also gave her worming tablets. She has been losing condition so I hope this will fix her. If not it’ll be vet next week.

We gave the goats a bunch of injections:

Tag got 4 ml Noromectin subq for pigs and cattle . Dose for 100kg. This has a 1 month milk withholding 

Monty got 4ml Nornerctin and what I had left of Cartropgen for his legs. It was only 1.5ml which is 1/2 dose

Pinky got 2.5 ml Noromectin and 1 ml glen act as a booster one month before she’s due to kid IF she is pregnant…


Winter veggies and ninja injections

We planted some seedlings today. In the little garden bed in the big pen we put:

  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Beetroot

We also put 2 males and 2 broccoli in the space between the straw bale garden.   

In the little garden bed in front of the lounge room window we planted all of the above plus a pansy. 

In other news, we gave more vitamin injections to the llamas with the gun … A very satisfying and slightly scary activity as you approach them slowly then shoot.  Reba and Renata got 3 ml each, Carol got 6 and Connue 9. This is the 50,000IU/ml product as the 500,000IU/ml has not arrived yet.

The good vitamin

A couple of days ago I noticed Connie walking really low on her front patterns. I posted some pictures on FB and the consensus seems to be that she is likely suffering from vitamin D deficiency. 

Connie’s walk

We give six monthly ADE injections to our llamas between the ages of 6 months and 2 years on vet advice but obviously we should be doing more. Also it turns out that some people give 3 ml of a product containing 500,000 IU per ml of D3 whereas we were giving 2 ml of something containing only 50,000 IU. So maybe our her just isn’t getting enough.

We were also feeding a fortified feed but again, maybe not enough.

So the plan is now as follows: 

1. Everyone will have Livamol (powdered vitamin supplement) as free choice in the paddock plus sprinkled on their chaff. 

2. I have injected everyone with 2 ml of the lower concentration stuff today as I wait for the other product (hideject) to come .

3. I have ordered another product (Cophos) for them to get. Each animal is meant to have 5 ml of this. 

4. Connie received the injection today and is due for weekly injections for 4 weeks though I may give her one every couple of days until the hideject comes then start on the 4 week treatment. 

5. I am thinking of doing the same with Carol (Connie’s daughter) as she has been walking funny since giving birth.

6. I will jab everyone again, including Milton with the hideject when it comes… NOT looking forward to it!

7. We will then start a six monthly regimen for the whole herd. 

As a note. Spot, Connie’s son was very keen on the Livamol.

I may also inject the goats with vitamins, will check with FB page.

I am waiting for the vet to call me back to run this plan past her.