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New goat strategy

Sadly the last drenching on our milking goat Tag was not effective and her workload went up to over 2000. 

On the upside there was no more sign of Coccidia and the llamas are clear 


Anyway, we need to sort Tag out.

After many discussions of Facebook, I actually got hold of a specialist goat Vet, https://m.facebook.com/goatvetoz/

She was kind enough to message me several undefined links and talk to me on the phone. 

1. First of all she stressed the importance of dosing for the right weight, so she sent me this chart, which is similar to one I had used in the past.

Tag’s girth is 107cm so her weight is approx 90 Kg. 

2. The vet suggested that Caprimec (the drench I have been using should be given at 1.5 times the dose so that’s 30 ml for her weight. That’s what I had been doing in the past but Tag would always spot a heap out. Today we set off to try again but when the gun malfunctioned we tried soaking her dose in bread. It took a bit of fiddling mixing in some Lovamol and human breakfast cereal but to my surprise she ate it all, plus some.

So today she had 40 ml Caprimec

Will need to do another test in 10 days and if we don’t get 95% reduction in worm count (117 or less) we need to change drench

3. The only other registered option for dairy goats is Panacur25 which needs to be given at 2 times the dose. She suggested trying once and testing 10 days later and if that doesn’t work trying drenching on 2 consecutive days.

These are my notes from the chat with her

4. Vet also said NOT to move them  after drenching so we’ve been doing that wrong 

5. The other point she made is that if Tag isn’t getting enough protein that could make her more prone to worms. It seems she is not. FB chats revealed she should be on 1-1.5 Kg of grain /pellet a day split in two feeds. 

Vet said she needs 18% protein and cottonseed would deliver that. Crashed lupins are good too so we’ll gradually give her that and alpaca pellets which are 16%.

Lucerne us good as provides calcium

6. After nearly 2 years in milk her body score should be 3-3.5. From this video she is 3 or a little less so up goes the feed.


As an aside I have also started back with the ACV in the water and have ordered a goat specific lick with selenium and copper.