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Musical pens

A couple of days ago we moved Luna and her 4 (used to be 5 😦 ) peachicks out of the big pen. We had put them in there straight after they hatched 3.5 weeks ago to protect them from crows. 

Since the pen had been empty for a while (only bunny and Guinea pigs in there) we figured they’d be lots of bugs for them to catch. Plus we are giving them mealworms. 
However they are now bigger and we worried they needed a more varied diet, so out they went and we are locking them up at night. 

The chooks and ducks go moved back in the big pen and the spare roosters can now  have access to the edge pen.

Later that day the goats decided to also move themselves. We were keen to move them anyway but hadn’t yet. They just jumped the fence and took themselves for a field trip. They are now in their top paddock but only in the small area around their shed. We’ll open up the paddock soon.

Today I also swapped the llamas. The girls went to the street paddock with the view of giving them the hill paddock soon, and the boys went to the chook paddock. 

I should mention that the boys are only Enrique and Orlando as Valentibe was always so stressed we decided to sell him. We found him a lovely per home nearby where he is on his own. He went on trial but seems very happy there.


Two moves

We moved all the ducks and chooks in the pen extension today in the hope of re-vegetating their pen a bit. The incredible amount of rain we’ve had recently means that the big pen is now mostly mud so we are giving it a rest. Hopefully the new area is fox proof enough. 

Sadly the new area is open above And the crows have already started stealing the eggs! 


I also transplanted my tomato and cucumber seedlings into bigger pots and put them in the greenhouse.

Two experiments

We tried putting the goats in the electric fence netting today for a few hours to see if they’ll start helping with the blackberry infestation. They weren’t all that impressed as they usually free range but today we don’t want them around the new llama baby plus they are in the bad books for eating the bark of some trees. Anyway. They seem to stay there without complaining too much or hurting themselves on the fence.  

Tag and Monty working at the blackberry


We’ are also trying out the swirl filter for the quaquaponics… So far it doesn’t seem to swirl much at all… That might be an issue. At least the pump and the solar panel seem to be working well. We’ll let it run for a couple of days and see if it clear the water a bit…  

the swirl filter is the green Dalek look alike