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Catch up

So much has happened…

In late January Miley passed away in the night with a horrible screech. Suspected heart attack.

In March we had to put down Snowy bunny as her eye tumour was spreading to her mouth.

Neither Lillypilly goat nor Reba llama got pregnant so we had no babies this year.

After worming the goats in Jan with Notonectin, the results were great , but over the last few days she had been acting strange which made me suspect she's high again. And sure enough she was (see below) will treat her again tomorrow and check again.


Today we also got 3 ex battery hens arrive  



No knead sourdough and eye issues

I have found this great no knead sourdough recipe… well I tend to eyeball the water as my starter is pretty liquid and if I add all the water I get a soup rather than a dough. Anyway, I still keep the dough very moist, at the point where it nearly holds together but not quite. I mix it in a bowl the pour it into this cake tin we have that works really well. I butter up the tin, then cover and let the dough rise for several hours. Overnight or until it fills the tin. Then bake straight in there at 250C with water in the oven. I have tried adding 1/3 whole meal flour and it still works well.


On a less exciting note, our bunny Snowy has had an eye issue since before Christmas and today Smoothy the guinea pig also as a very poorly eye.

I took Snowy  to the local vet a few days after she started bleeding from the eyelid. I thought it was a scratch but it wasn’t settling. Vet reckoned it is cancer of the eyelid and they could not operate. Given she is 9 I’d question the op too but since then it has grown, it is bleeding, it got infected, we fixed the infection and now we wait for another vet.

We had poor Snowy inside for a few days then outside confined but now she is free again as it is very hot and it’s best if she can move about to find the coolest spots. The cattle pink eye powder seems to have help better than the human eye ointment. The specialist vet returns from holidays on 1 Feb so we’ll take her there then. Hopefully she doesn’t get too sick in the meantime.

This morning Smoothy was having a discussion about food with Robyn Hood. Later I noticed him sulking in a corner with an opaque eye oozing white. I gave him pink eye powder and fed him. Teeth are long but seem functional, he is a good weight and eats happily. We’ll see.

Two moves

We moved all the ducks and chooks in the pen extension today in the hope of re-vegetating their pen a bit. The incredible amount of rain we’ve had recently means that the big pen is now mostly mud so we are giving it a rest. Hopefully the new area is fox proof enough. 

Sadly the new area is open above And the crows have already started stealing the eggs! 


I also transplanted my tomato and cucumber seedlings into bigger pots and put them in the greenhouse.

Bye Renata

Some days, living on a farm is no fun at all. 2 days ago, we found our beautiful llama Renata dead. We suspect snake bite as she had blood out of her eyes and was on her back with the legs up in the air. Horrible!! Hopefully it was quick. Her son Ravel was grieving next to her body for over a day. So distressing to see. More info about our beautiful girl here https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=802245816548789&id=345409105565798

As she was one of our most promising breeders this may well be the end of our breeding adventure… Her mum Reba will probably have another one for us and her little sister Ariel might too but for now we just take s break. RIP dear girl 😦

llama and child
the day Renata was born, with my daughter Elody

On the chook front, our Silky cross Harriet is raising 4 chicks we bought as day olds. They are 2 Barnevelders and 2 Speckeled Suxess. Unlike most, these chicks weren’t doing well in the big pen with everyone else, in particularl one of the Barnevelders was very thin. I moved them to the old goat pen a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be thriving there. They are gaining weight again and all seems well. However, we thing the Banevelder who was struggling most of all in the big pen may have a neurological or vision problem as it seems to have trouble pecking at food precisely. Last night I picked her up and she has gained weight and get crop was full, so that’s great but she is still a little thin. I fed her mealworms away from the others and she ate them but definitely needs to be fed on her own as she takes a while to get the worms. Seems to have better success if the worms are in her right so she may be blind on the left. If we can put some weight on her I think she’ll be fine but she may have other issues … We’ll see. We might call her Blink.