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Goat bloat and worms

On Monday 7 May Tag looked slow.

On Tuesday 8 Mayshe had small poo pellets and still slow. I thought it was worms and gave her 15 ml of Panacur 100.

I also sent a poo sample for testing.

By lunchtime her poo was light, smaller pellets whit white bits in it. It was undigested grass

This was diagnosed by Goats Australia FB. As sign of an upset tummy.

She had no milk (as in she was to I’ll to fend Monty off)

It was suggested We drenched her with 1tbs Epson salta and 1 Tbs bicarb in warm water. We did.

In the morning (Wed 9 May) she was still slow and in pain (teeth grinding).

Tummy was firm. I massaged her and she burped up lupins ( tipped bucket was found in Sunday),

She immediately started eating again as being much happier.

Gave her 1 berocca as drench and free choice goat block and bicarb.

After bloat acidosis can be an issue. Bicarb and roughage (hay) can help. Poo improved. But today bad again but she has milk and eating more. Tummy flora can take over a week to recover said Braidwood Vet.

Tonight’s bad poo from happily goat


Summer planting experiment

I got given a few tosto seedling and I just couldn't resist planting them out. They've been in a week and so far so good. I tucked them under other plants to give them some protection.

Also, on 14 Oct, I planted a new bed with summer crops. Direct seed. They have no protection other than a thin layer of mulch.

Today I saw some have started planting.

I put in corn, beans, cucumbers, eggplant and tomatoes.

Here's a rough guide of where everything went.

Treatment for worms

After more research I worked out that Caprimec and noromectin are both mectins so I decided to use Panacur instead. Last time 2x the dose gave 50% reduction so now we did 3x dose. Pilly got 12 ml or Pan100. Monty 15. Both took it easily. Tag's dose was 15. I loaded to 18 then 10. She took most of it.

The idea this time is to treat 3 times, 10 days apart, with tests at every point.

Then move to clean paddock 10 days after last dose.

Before the first treatment, I collected a sample to give me a base line. Note NO treatment had been given since receiving high results while we were away.

At the end of June, Monty was 720 and Tag 1860. I had not tested Pilly as she was 0 in early June.

The results for this pre-treatment samples came late.

Meanwhile on 28August I repeated the doses for Pilly and Monty and in 29th for Tag (she took it well this time.

Then I got the first results back and realised I should have only treated Tag.
This is what was found, which was very interesting given no treatment had been given since previous high results. How did Monty fix himself?

So after the first treatment, Monty doubled (I think we just assume he was about the same) and Tag was nearly 1/2. We'll continue monitoring them all but treating just Tag.

And after one more treatment for Tag, we are finally down to an acceptable level. We'll see for how long… no paddock move.

Worms worms worms

I am getting a bit desperate about the goat worms. After re-treating in May the count was lower but still high

We were away while this result came in so we couldn't do anything.
When we returned, the eye lids looked better than ever so we didn't do anything.

Yesterday I noticed Tag and possibly Monty were having some clamped poos. Tag has also been gorging on the salt lick.

I am almost too scared to test again but will need to do something about it soon.

Catch up

So much has happened…

In late January Miley passed away in the night with a horrible screech. Suspected heart attack.

In March we had to put down Snowy bunny as her eye tumour was spreading to her mouth.

Neither Lillypilly goat nor Reba llama got pregnant so we had no babies this year.

After worming the goats in Jan with Notonectin, the results were great , but over the last few days she had been acting strange which made me suspect she's high again. And sure enough she was (see below) will treat her again tomorrow and check again.


Today we also got 3 ex battery hens arrive