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Shampoo bar 1

I found two shampoo bar recipes I want to try.

Made the first one 2 days ago. Recipe behaved beautifully and so did the essential oils. Did a 50/50 bergamot/ cederwood.

Coloured half of it with a little wheatgrass powder dissolved in oil. Also worked well and didn’t turn brown, but the green isn’t contrasting enough with the yellow base so the design is a bit dull.

Recipe made enough for 15 cavities of the pink silicon moulds.

Two days on the bars still struggle to come out of the mould. Difinately adding sodium lactate next time.

One week on and the bars still smell amazing. Starting to larger up nicely too.


Scaps as embeds first try

Used a bunch of scraps chopped up. Weighed them to make up 1/2 vol of the mould (just under 600 g), then calculated the recipe to make up the rest.

It fitted perfectly.

Dispersed yellow Brazilian clay (about 1.5 teaspoons) and a teaspoon of golden mica in almo d oil but when it sat there it went all clumpy. Also added a smudge of TD dissolved in water.

Didn’t add the whole thing.

Added one more tsp of golden mica to the batter at trace.

Used 20% lemon myrtle, 40%grapefruit and 40% bergamot. At 4%, was 4g lemon Myrtle and 8g each of the others. Made the batter funnier which was perfect.

Or possibly it stayed so thin because my oils were warm not cold. At about 35C, it worked great even though the lye was around 20.

Did some oil splashes on the top with golden mica

Salt bars second time

It went quite well, might need a slightly pinkies way if colouring them and a less yellow source of eo (see note)

But following numbers and instructions below worked well.

✓ Salt bars 5x 6 cavity moulds
-1056g salt for the batch
-Colour with red clay satin mica

Tot batch volume 2671

Make soap- divide in 2 (1335)and colour (red clay satin mica in almond oil) one batch- take 267 from each colour and add 106g sarlt, 4g orange eo and 2 g ylang eo to each- mix – pour- sprinkle pink repeat

Note: use essential oils from green living Australia as they are lighter in colour and don’t stain the white batch as much.

Note 2: when adding salt and eo to mini batches, pour eo on top of the salt to buy yourself a bit of time before the ylang solidifies everything.

Getting to know The essential oils.

Turns out scent fading has been an issue. The rosemary and peppermint is fading and so is the city’s and peppermint. Both only have top notes so that’s the issue.
The rosemary one also riced.

Tonight we made another batch of the orange zest with milk. Tried udii g a 50/50 water lye solution and adding the rest of the liquid (to 30%) at trace this worked well but the 50/50 solution took a while to cone to trace, then I added 15g ylang ylang and 35 orange. This really accelerated trace so it was hard to glue into the mould.i suspect this was also due to my oils being nearly 40C. Then on the mould it is volcanoeing. But it is sort of good to fill the many holes o am sure wem have inside the soap. The volcano happened last time too and since this is the same recipe as the hippy swirl the issuer must be with the eo s.

Also used melt and pour to help the orange zest on top stick. That looks a bit like jelly on top.

In spite of it all we should have just enough nice looking bars to fill the order

Zebra stripes facial soap

Made a single batch of zebra stripes soap

Used 1810g oils and it fills the mould but isn’t enough for a high top.

The batch behaved well, though got a bit gloppy towards the end, could have mixed it less at the beginning to account for extra mixing after additives.

At trace I added the eo as follows:

4 g peppermint- 14 orange- 16 grapefruit. (10-40-50%)

Then split the batch roughly in 2.

To one I added 2 heaped tsp of titanium dioxide (didn’t disperse it into anything so not sure if it’ll cause issues.) and a big glup (maybe 3/4 cup?) of pre- pulverised oatmeal I think this got totally disintegrated while bar mixing the soap.

To the other half I added 3 heaped tsp of activated charcoal

Then poured in lines up and down the mould, doing 2-3 lines then switching colour and so on.

This is the recipe. Soaped nearly cold

Then did a bit of swirling on the top.

Lotions and potions

Made three new recipes last night.
All went well, but I found the lotion bar recipe at 85g for each ingredient did not fill the mould. Try 110 g next time.

The lip balm recipe was very quick to set so pouring was a challenge, and double the recipe of the bath melts did not fill two moulds… maybe I did something wrong…

I used grapefruit essential oil for the lotion bars, orange for the lip balm and lavender for the bath melts.