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Black soap goat vax

Vaccinated all goats including babies with 1 ml Glenvac, not Harvey as he is going to his new hone on Friday and didn’t want him to be sick.

Restocked black soap all good


One re-stock one new

1. Made the lavender swirl winter wonderland shampoo bars again. Tried a two toned purple design but both sheds cane out the sane.

Also I left the lavender infusing in the lye water for several days and the water was very brown. I was worried this would make the the soap very yellow and turn the purple brown so I added TD to the purple. That was a mistake as it diluted the purple without being necessary as the uncoloured soap turned out white anyway.

Also this was made on a very hot day and it was super soft but I don’t think I could water discount further or I won’t have time for the design.

2. The workshop recipe is so replicable and easy to use but ashes badly so decided to work with it and make a white soap. Added poppy seeds for interest. Glad I didn’t add TD as it wasn’t necessary in spite of the dark orange eo.

Tried a further water discount for this recipe which worked great and a SF 6 as I sometimes I find it a bit harsh. We’ll see…

Jojoba shampoo other option

Since last time I tried this recipe it misbehaved a bit, I made it again, this time with a yellow rather than purple theme as I think I’ll keep the Winter Wonderland recipe as a lavender shampoo.

This time all went well other the. Possibly the in the pot swirl getting mixed a little too much as I poured into a spout container then in the mould. Hard to tell for sure until the base colour goes lighter.

Update: I think using water = 1.5 x lye might be better as it’s a very soft recipe.

Stamped them with butterfly and flower in yellow clay but I think the butterfly alone would have been better

Two new recipes

Made these yesterday

1. This one was supposed to have an ombré look but I started off with way too little pink. Next time the first bit of pink needs to be about 1/3 of the batter so I have enough to pour a visible layer and keep some aside to dilute with the white.

Also even though there isn’t much lemon Myrtle eo, it mostly overpowers the others do not much rose smell 😦

I like the idea of the seaweed but might need to put a little more next time.

Other than that the recipe behaved well.

2. Tried my first charcoal soap. And using avocado oil.

Mixed the AC in the oils before adding the lye. I think it was a good idea but it made it hard to judge trace.

Trace took a while to happen then when I added the milk it accelerated and riced when I added the eo. I think I was able to whisk most of it out but that caused even more acceleration making pouring quite hard.

Love the smell!

Infused the hard oils with calendula while they were melting.