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Patchouli swirl re-stock

Realised I was out of patchouli at the last minute so used a tiny bit of Petitgrain instead.. will need a new name. Other than that this soap turns out great every time.

Used milk instead of whey this time.

Decided to eliminate the mica line as it often smears.

Made 2 logs with severe water discount. Worked great.


Cedarwood shampoo restock

Made this gorgeous shampoo again.

The water discount worked beautifully and I was able to un mould a few hours after pouring and get nice sharp corners.

We tried decorating with spout bottles but that was harder than expected and got a bit messy.

Lessons learned :
1. Need a thinner spout
2. Don’t need as much batter for decorating
3. Dissolving clay and wheatgrass in water directly in bottles prior to adding batter worked well
4. Adding 1 part red clay to 4 parts pink clay completely obliterated the pink colour 😦

New shampoo bar learning experiment

Tried a new shampoo bar recipe. It’s soft so I water discounted a lot.

Also tried new mould and Brazilian purple clay for colour.

I used lavender eo (4%) but blended too far and it got solid quite quickly also due to clay and water discount I suspect.

So not sure if I can salvage the soap but I learned that I like the new cube Mold, purple clay went brown and if the recipe ever hardens we’ll see how good a shampoo bar it is..
The recipe did garden but definitely discounting more water next time. Like the cedarwood it was hopeless for the first week but after that it it now a great shampoo bar which lathers more readily than the cedarwood.

The purple clay is still brown but after planing I think I can sell most bars

Shea rosemary

This recipe is a bit of a long shot as it may not lather at all. We’ll see…

Update: a week on and it is still pretty poor on lather, though it is improving.

The main issue which unfortunately mean I won’t be able to sell the bars is that it all went an ugly shade of orange.

On the upside I nailed the scent and colour proportions so those are keepers

Wine experiment and re- stocking

Tried adding boiled down wine to soap. Did it at trace and used 50-50 lye solution. Just like with milk.

Went OK but soap turned super black. Whole thing got hot and went though trace.

Will try adding a bit of pink clay next time.

Scent a bit overpowering but at least no wine stench!

Also re- stocked pink saltbars. All went well

And also re-stocked the zebra stripe This also went well but maybe I added too much petitgrain.

Also next time best to dilute the charcoal into some water first and maybe double blend the oats.

Might be worth also blending the first loaf batches a bit more so the layers come out more defined.

This was my method :
1. Bring oils and lye yo just emulsification
2. Take 1350g batter out twice.
3. Add eo, charcoal and bar mix one batch
4. For the other add eo diluted TD and oatmeal- whisk mix
5. Pour
6. Repeat for the other loaf but this time added eo before splitting. It actually helped thin it out a bit.

Pink scraps experiment

Tried another scraps soap. This tie I promise I will wait to cut.

I realised after pouring that maybe I need a deeper mould next time as the beauty is in the cut. Will use the little green loaf Mold next time.

Wanted a very hard soap so tried 100% coconut with 20% superfat. The coconut oil went hard before I could soap so some got left on the sides resulting in a slightly lower superfat I think.

Used pink clay (A heaped 1/2 teaspoon) and geranium, clary sage and orange eo. Diluted the clay in a bit of the milk, added that and the rest of the milk at trace. The trace was super light and it took quite a bit of mixing.