Vax and visitor

Vaccinated the goats yesterday with 1 ml glenvac then today we got Spike the buck to spend a few weeks with us and hopefully get Pilly pregnant!


Winter wonderland and instagram

Love my latest creation, I think we’ll call it winter wonderland. The Alkanet powder should turn purplish over time but even now it looks stunning.

Used lemongrass and lavender but the lemongrass is so strong the lavender is lost. Still smells great!

Also opened a new Instagram account @meandmowsoap from which I hope to be selling soaps and other creations soon 🙂

Milk carton soap

Made soap using a milk carton for mould.

The mould formula worked great. To get the design I poured both colours together at opposite corners of the mould then swirls a tiny bit. I like the design but the soap has bubbles and is taking forever to cure… I think the bubbles might be from me moving the oils a lot to cool them but not sure why the long cure. The recipe is usually very good. Many the vertical mould that leave little air flow?

Soap be back

Started making soap and other skin care again.
Now trying to use essential oils in my soaps as well and not limiting the range to milk only.

Plus recently made a basket for a fundraiser including lots of different skin care items.

1. The first soap I made turned out ugly so will need to do something with it. It was supposed to be a coat hanger swirl but I made it too thick and didn’t swirl enough.

This was a milk recipe with no scent.

2. The next one turned out great but I thought it wouldn’t. For the base I used Kaolin clay hoping to make it white but it made it darker. I added a mica line between layers. Made the base very thick but then decided to try the coat hunger swirl again. It brought splodges of Base up but it looks cool, especially the spider mica patterns.

I think I left in in a spot that was too hot and it volcanoes out and the top cracked, but somehow it turned out great anyway.

Scented with orange and ylangylang, milk recipe. Orange peel on top

3. Next, I tried a salt bar. It was easy to make. It all went to plan and it looks great. We’ll see what it is like to use

4. Yesterday I made a batch using oils tinted with sweet paprika but the colour didn’t take off so I added a bit of red clay satin mica too to the base. I used the same mica for the line and the oil splashed on top.
I used frozen whey as the liquid. It didn’t go as yellow as the milk so it was good to work with.
I used patchouli 40% and grapefruit 60% for the scent. I used 1500 g oils so I calculated the essential oils for 2000g total using eocalc. I used just under the medium amount.
It took ages to trace. Not sure if it was due to these oils or that I was soaping around 24 degrees, very cold.

It was a hassle of calculations to have the tinted oils as I had to calculate 2 separate batches of oils and lye. Much better to make one batter and divide after mixing.

In spite of using 1500g oils there was still heaps of room in the wooden mould. I’ll have to increase the volume more if I want tall soap.