Goat bloat and worms

On Monday 7 May Tag looked slow.

On Tuesday 8 Mayshe had small poo pellets and still slow. I thought it was worms and gave her 15 ml of Panacur 100.

I also sent a poo sample for testing.

By lunchtime her poo was light, smaller pellets whit white bits in it. It was undigested grass

This was diagnosed by Goats Australia FB. As sign of an upset tummy.

She had no milk (as in she was to I’ll to fend Monty off)

It was suggested We drenched her with 1tbs Epson salta and 1 Tbs bicarb in warm water. We did.

In the morning (Wed 9 May) she was still slow and in pain (teeth grinding).

Tummy was firm. I massaged her and she burped up lupins ( tipped bucket was found in Sunday),

She immediately started eating again as being much happier.

Gave her 1 berocca as drench and free choice goat block and bicarb.

After bloat acidosis can be an issue. Bicarb and roughage (hay) can help. Poo improved. But today bad again but she has milk and eating more. Tummy flora can take over a week to recover said Braidwood Vet.

Tonight’s bad poo from happily goat


3 thoughts on “Goat bloat and worms”

  1. Can you imagine if at birth someone sold you to an owner who allowed you to get pregnant and who took your breast milk for their own use? You might exhibit some health and well-being issues in that strange situation as well.


    1. Dear Amanda, why are you commenting rubbish? I approved your comment because i’d Really like to reply. If you had bothered reading the blog you would know we take amazing care of our goats and we don’t separate babies and mum. We just take the excess milk. We also don’t overbreed. This goat only had one baby in 4 years that we’ve had her. The issue she had was due to overeating not milk. And that’s because they are given freedom to roam and have fun and there is lots of yummy food we buy to keep them happy and healthy. The whole reason we have the goats is so we don’t support the commercial dairy industry with their awful practices. We are a no kill farm where ALL the animals are fed and cared for including roosters and other unproductive members of the family. We also run tours for kids to show them how to be kind and respectful to animals.
      You are picking on the wrong farmer. Go away!


  2. Once again you have no idea.
    I am a breastfeeding mother of 2 who also donated milk to other kids when needed so not very different to what our goat is doing for us.
    I can see your heart is in the right place but you are WAY off the mark picking on us.
    Go away, or get your facts straight. Your cliche comments have no application in real life. Have you seen how we treat our animals? NO Have you met us and them? NO Have you got any farm animals of your own? I guess NOT. If we stopped milking our goat she would get mastitis and get very ill. You have NO IDEA. I am vegetarian and only consume egg and milk from my farm as I know the animals were treated with respect and will live their lives peacefully until they die of old age. We don’t disbud our goat kids, we go to the vet to have them surgically castrated under anaesthetist, not by banding but you are so out of touch with reality you make gut not even know what these practices are. They are nasty main stream farming practices which we avoid. We adopted rescue battery hens from the local sanctuary, we had to pass their suitability tests and we did. The hens have long happy lives here and their presence helps us discuss their plea with our Visitors.
    YOU ARE PICKING ON THE WRONG FARMER! We workday jobs in offices to pay for the high standard of care we provide our animals.


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