Microgreens start

Been testing a few microgreens lately. So far peas and sunflowers have the best flavour.

Planted a bunch of stuff on 2 May. Today the red arrow radish got harvested. The density was perfect but of course I didn’t weigh the seed I used 😦


  • Red arrow radish- 10 days to maturity- 170g yield.
  • That was 15 g seeds (perfect density ($1.6 incl postage)

Need to have a better way to harvest as this way I had a lot of waste. Good argument for eventually growing in the same containers I’ll be selling in, or selling root and all.


Goat bloat and worms

On Monday 7 May Tag looked slow.

On Tuesday 8 Mayshe had small poo pellets and still slow. I thought it was worms and gave her 15 ml of Panacur 100.

I also sent a poo sample for testing.

By lunchtime her poo was light, smaller pellets whit white bits in it. It was undigested grass

This was diagnosed by Goats Australia FB. As sign of an upset tummy.

She had no milk (as in she was to I’ll to fend Monty off)

It was suggested We drenched her with 1tbs Epson salta and 1 Tbs bicarb in warm water. We did.

In the morning (Wed 9 May) she was still slow and in pain (teeth grinding).

Tummy was firm. I massaged her and she burped up lupins ( tipped bucket was found in Sunday),

She immediately started eating again as being much happier.

Gave her 1 berocca as drench and free choice goat block and bicarb.

After bloat acidosis can be an issue. Bicarb and roughage (hay) can help. Poo improved. But today bad again but she has milk and eating more. Tummy flora can take over a week to recover said Braidwood Vet.

Tonight’s bad poo from happily goat