More seeds

Planted more seeds in the round bed today. They say carrots and onions are great companions but I was out of onion seeds so I just put rocket and beetroot in with orange, purple and yellow carrot. Also planted some more Chards. A part from the carrots I’d plant the others in trays first but I just made pockets of seed raising mix in the bed and planted direct.

After watering I covered with plastic to keep moisture in until the sprout… We’ll see 🙂 if this works it could save heaps of time and make for stronger plants too!


Love after a while

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for our goat Lillypilly when today we took her to meet Wrex.

Luckily, the little guy persevered in spite of getting head butted repeatedly and eventually she stood for him. 

Hopefully it worked and we should have babies in late Feb. Dad is 3/4 Toggenburg and 1/4 Nigerian Dwarf and we chose him for his small size which will probably make it easier for Pilly to birth. 


Lucky dip

Or rather lucky scatter…

I have been reading Jackie French books and she makes it sound so easy… Scatter the seeds, mulch, water and voila self sufficiency achieved!

Well I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try… So while I dream of my huge veggie garden surrounded by lavender and other flowers, I have decided to apply Jackie’s teachings and combine them with those of another lady I like, Flylady who says we should just take baby steps. 

I have the large round veggie bed I used for tomatoes last year. It is a hugelkultur underneath and on top it’s got all the animal bedding of the winter before last, plus worms. I was surprised at how well the tomatoes did there last year and I’m hoping some will come up spontaneously but I figured some peas could go well there this year. Peas fix nitrogen, nitrogen promotes leaves so I am adding lettuce there too. 

Result, I just planted:

  • Sugar snap peas
  • Mesculin mix (rocket, spinach and some type of red lettuce)
  • Coriander… Because I like it

The soil in this patch is pretty good now, dark and moist, full of fat worms. I put a lot of seeds so hopefully some will sprout. I also left two plants that made it through winter: French sorrel and red Chards.

the sorrell and chards
Then there’s my failed attempt at straw bale gardening from last year. The lavender bush in it is super happy but nothing else grew. I threw some of the same seeds in there plus pumpkins. It’s a bit early but worth a try.., we’ll see if anything sprouts now that the bales have decomposed a bit more…

Two moves

We moved all the ducks and chooks in the pen extension today in the hope of re-vegetating their pen a bit. The incredible amount of rain we’ve had recently means that the big pen is now mostly mud so we are giving it a rest. Hopefully the new area is fox proof enough. 

Sadly the new area is open above And the crows have already started stealing the eggs! 


I also transplanted my tomato and cucumber seedlings into bigger pots and put them in the greenhouse.