Little garden grows

Today baby Audrey and I did some gardening in the tiny patch in front of the lounge room. Let’s face it, in spite of my big veggie garden dreams, this is one of only 2 small productive areas I have right now… Oh well better than nothing, right? 


The goats already had volunteered their valuable services to harvest the kale, I was a bit annoyed but given that it was all grown in their old bedding and manure I figured they deserved a share… But then I added a line of electric wire to stop them demolishing the entire thing!

Today I harvested my first kohl rabi. A weird thing I am not too sure what to do with… Possibly I’ll blanch the leaves for smoothies and roast the body…. I also got some VERY tiny parnsnips as thinnings to leave space for some bigger ones in the future. 


But the main ‘crop’ I harvested was grass… I know, that’s technically a weed but the Guinea pigs, bunny, ducks and chooks love it so I decided I don’t mind if it takes over a bit (or a lot!). As I write I have a bunch of very happy critters enjoying some home grown goodness 🙂

I didn’t harvest everything so they can get more in a couple of days. In the meantime I filled the space I made with some seeds. I decided to sprinkle them generously and see if this quick method works 🙂

On the left I put:

  • Radish sparkler
  • All year carrots
  • Snow peas Oregon

On the right I put:

  • Silverbeet bright lights
  • Beetroot burpees golden

Now we wait…


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