Sprouting early

On 6 August I planted a bunch of summer seeds in a little glass house inside my warm lounge room.

As well as tomatoes and cucumbers, I planted basil and some capsicum and eggplant.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are easy to germinate and you can see in the photo they are nearly ready for transplanting in individual pots, but the others I was never very good at.


from top to bottom: yellow capsicum, eggplant, purple capsicum, basil, tomato, cucumber
To my joy the basil (Genoese and Thai sprouted really quickly though it doesn’t seem to be growing much now. 

The eggplant is also doing OK, but my biggest surprise was to see the capsicum plants emerge just in the last couple of days!

The yellow variety is sprouting whereas there’s still no sign of the purple one.

I am sure the little glass house really helped by keeping the humidity high… I am getting mould on my paddle pop sticks which I used as labels… Definitely never had that before!


Little garden grows

Today baby Audrey and I did some gardening in the tiny patch in front of the lounge room. Let’s face it, in spite of my big veggie garden dreams, this is one of only 2 small productive areas I have right now… Oh well better than nothing, right? 


The goats already had volunteered their valuable services to harvest the kale, I was a bit annoyed but given that it was all grown in their old bedding and manure I figured they deserved a share… But then I added a line of electric wire to stop them demolishing the entire thing!

Today I harvested my first kohl rabi. A weird thing I am not too sure what to do with… Possibly I’ll blanch the leaves for smoothies and roast the body…. I also got some VERY tiny parnsnips as thinnings to leave space for some bigger ones in the future. 


But the main ‘crop’ I harvested was grass… I know, that’s technically a weed but the Guinea pigs, bunny, ducks and chooks love it so I decided I don’t mind if it takes over a bit (or a lot!). As I write I have a bunch of very happy critters enjoying some home grown goodness 🙂

I didn’t harvest everything so they can get more in a couple of days. In the meantime I filled the space I made with some seeds. I decided to sprinkle them generously and see if this quick method works 🙂

On the left I put:

  • Radish sparkler
  • All year carrots
  • Snow peas Oregon

On the right I put:

  • Silverbeet bright lights
  • Beetroot burpees golden

Now we wait…