Beehive expansion 

Our beekeeping neighbour invited us over to see his hives as he was opening big them up today for an inspection. 

He has 3 standard Langstroth hives which looked healthy but pretty quiet. 

From the viewing Windows it seemed that our bees were doing great and had filled their 2 boxes so we had been charged beside ring adding a third one to make sure they didn’t swarm in the spring. The neighbour initially advised against it but when he saw how strong the hive was he agreed that we should add one, so we did.

We pulled out a few frames of the top box and saw there was lots of honey but also brood. To my surprise the whole thing was not stuck together and we only broke one comb with some honey spill, but hopefully nothing too tragic. Definitely next time we’ll be opening on our own so we can do what we want (which probably means do less and break less).