Birds on the move

After lots of broody chooks and ducks all summer we are left we a bit of a crowd in the big pen. Sadly good homes for them have been hard to find this year, with only a few pullets leaving us and no boys. We don’t eat the boys and don’t sell to someone who might. Every year we thought we might need to make a bachelor patch but them found suitable homes for the boys. This year, however, we are going to need that bachelor patch.

Yesterday drakes Glowy and Ryder got moved into the old chook pen. That are both mules (a cross between one of our Muscovy girls and our mallard boy) and sterile. They are really big so the only ‘use’ they would have in most people’s eyes is as table birds. But they can just be pets here. Unfortunately even if they can’t reproduce, they sure try and the poor girls are getting a bit sick of living with 6 drakes! So the plan is to take 3 out and have them live in the old pen. This is a bit small but as soon as they are settled we’ll try letting them out to free range on most days.

Ryder was a single hatchling so he doesn’t really have any friends. Glowy on the other hand, was one of 8. 4 girls found a good home and we kept 2 plus him and his brother Sprinkler. This is a mallard cross drake and fertile but I have 2 Cayuga drakes I want to leave in with the girls so Sprinkler will also go to the bachelor patch. However, Sprinkler and Glowy are very close friends and occasionally gang up against Ryder so I figured that having them all 3 together in a smaller pen would not be good for Ryder. For this reason, I moved Glowy in with him at first and hopefully they’ll make friends so when I introduce Sprinkler they can all be friends… We’ll see… 

Glowy and Ryder in the new pen. much smsller but very lush so hopefully they’ll be entertained for a week or so until i let them free range.

I also moved Harriet chook and her 3 big chicks (2x Speckeled Sussex and 1 Barbevelder) back into the big pen and will move the two spare cockerels in the old goat pen … As soon as I can catch them 🙂


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