Bye Renata

Some days, living on a farm is no fun at all. 2 days ago, we found our beautiful llama Renata dead. We suspect snake bite as she had blood out of her eyes and was on her back with the legs up in the air. Horrible!! Hopefully it was quick. Her son Ravel was grieving next to her body for over a day. So distressing to see. More info about our beautiful girl here

As she was one of our most promising breeders this may well be the end of our breeding adventure… Her mum Reba will probably have another one for us and her little sister Ariel might too but for now we just take s break. RIP dear girl 😦

llama and child
the day Renata was born, with my daughter Elody

On the chook front, our Silky cross Harriet is raising 4 chicks we bought as day olds. They are 2 Barnevelders and 2 Speckeled Suxess. Unlike most, these chicks weren’t doing well in the big pen with everyone else, in particularl one of the Barnevelders was very thin. I moved them to the old goat pen a couple of weeks ago and they seem to be thriving there. They are gaining weight again and all seems well. However, we thing the Banevelder who was struggling most of all in the big pen may have a neurological or vision problem as it seems to have trouble pecking at food precisely. Last night I picked her up and she has gained weight and get crop was full, so that’s great but she is still a little thin. I fed her mealworms away from the others and she ate them but definitely needs to be fed on her own as she takes a while to get the worms. Seems to have better success if the worms are in her right so she may be blind on the left. If we can put some weight on her I think she’ll be fine but she may have other issues … We’ll see. We might call her Blink.


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