Connie’s care

I gave Connie 10 ml of Hideject and trimmed and front nails… We’ll see if it makes a difference to her walking


Poor Scruffy

Our Scruffy piggie had been looking a little slow for a while but we couldn’t find anything wrong with him when we checked him over a couple of weeks ago.

This morning we noticed he had a weepy eye. We cleaned it and wormed him but when we picked him up realised he had lost a lot of weight. He was just over 500 g! 

By evening the cheek under his sore eye had swollen right up! We took him to vet (Jan) where she drained a massive cheeck abscess. She cleaned him up and have him an antibiotics injection.

She also found that his teeth were too long and trimmed them to about 0.5 com with simple dog nail clippers or similar. 

He is now inside on a diet of oatmeal and soft food but seemed so sad. I gave him 0.3 ml vit C via injection to help him along and made him a smoothy with oats, Apple and capsicum which I syringes down his throat. He seemed keen so hopefully that’ll get him going again. He needs to gain weight fast or he won’t make it! 

UPDATE: sadly Scruffy passed away 2 days later 😦

sad Scruffy tgis morning before treatment.

First hive inspection

First ever hive inspection today. All well. We didn’t see the queen but there was heaps of brood, strangely they are bringing in very little pollen but they still seem to be raising brood so some pollen must be going in.

 There was one chaulk brood cell but apparently one is OK.

We added a second box as they had nearly filled the first one.



Our peahen Luna nested in the glasshouse this year so we were able to protect her from predator and leave her to incubate her eggs. She sat on 6 eggs. On 1 December, One didn’t hatch (but was fertile), one died on hatching and 4 hatched. One chick sadly died 24 hours later but the other 3 seem to be doing well.