Monty’s boots and worm free

Monty visited the vet in Braidwood a couple of weeks ago.

X-rays of his front legs and close inspections revealed that he does not have any arthritis (yet) but he does have a sore spot just above his hoof on the right front leg.

The vet said his problem is being too big (not fat, just big) and his legs are getting deformed as a result. He got put on a course of Cartrophen to lubricate his joints and that seems to make a difference but then we went back to see the farrier who put some special horse shoe polymer on his hoof. That made an immediate difference. Time will tell if this solution helps him long term but for now he is much much happier!

 Meanwhile another worm check came back to show Tag and Monty’s load to be 0 and Pilly’s to be 60. Some may be due to the fact that Tag and Monty’s samples we a couple of days in the bag and on/off in the sun but will repeat in a few weeks


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