Paddock move

We moved the girls in the street paddock with a view to give the the hill as well. The boys have the chook paddock


Ducklings and limping Monty

Our first ever ducklings hatched today. 8 out of 9 eggs, we’ll see if the last one makes it or not. Flora us the mum. 

In other news, Monty has been limping for a good 3 weeks now and he is still sore. It’s imhus front left leg but we can’t workout where exactly. We bandaged it up ankle to knee today and tomorrow we are picking up an anti inflammatory/ painkiller injection from braidwood vet.

Refrigerator picklesĀ 

Made my first ever pickles yesterday. Now I have to wait 3 days to try them? 

i couldn’t find any pickling cucumbers so I have used snack ones, won’t probably end up crunchy but hopefully I’ll be able to tell if I like the flavour.

This is the recipe 

  I used pickling spices, 1 kg of cucumbers and 2 onions. Filled my coconut jars perfectly.