First chicks. 

Harriet hatched 5 chicks out of 5 eggs on Wednesday. Healthy and strong. Cute as always 



Llama jabs

Connie is very low on her legs again and also crying when she walks. I gave her 10 ml ADE (500, 000 IU/ ml) hideject and 10 ml cophos. Carol got the same.

Rebates put herself in the crush so I gave her 5 of each, then ran out of cophos. 

Milton, Ariel and Ravel got 5 ml ADE

Bella’s babies

Little Bella piggy had 3 bubs this morning. Unfortunately one little boy was still born. The other two (a ginger girl and a black and red boy) are very tiny but seem happy.

Bella herself is only half grown and she is only 3.5 months old, so clearly the info that girls don’t get pregnant until 5 months is clearly rubbish as she got pregnant at 6 weeks! Sad. She just refused to live with the girls and kept escaping into the boys enclosure.

She had them in one of the outside nests and we moved them upstairs. We locked them there as I am not sure she know what she’s doing. 

On an aside the goats foraged themselves with livamol, wattle and cotoneaster and Tag looked very sluggish afterwards.

Paddock move

After worming them 4 days ago, then again 2 days ago, I moved the goats to fresh paddock today. To further avoid them infesting themselves with worms we also built them a hay rack. They seem to like it.  


Will worm them again in 2 weeks and get them tested again. Hopefully better results.

In other news, Miley fellin the creek in Bungendore today. Totally my fault. She was shaking her head for a while but seemed fine otherwise. I gave her a rinse when we got home and later I put 3-4 drops of swimmer’s ear drops from the chemist in her ears. Hopefully no infections 😦 


Wormy goats

tge goats looked fine but after discussions with breeders about rotating paddocks, which we font do o tot the it poi tester and to my horror their worm count came back really high, around 2000 per g. 

   I started giving them : ACV in the water, livamol  and sea week in a dish. They seem to like  the livamol. I tried 1/4 teaspoon of copper sulphate which they didn’t take. Put some on their gums once. 

Plan us now to drench twice 48 hrs apart then move to clean paddock another 48 later.

Calculated their weight using heart girth x heart girth x shoulder to hip length / 300. This is done in inches and gives you weight in pounds. Tag and minty came to about 75kg, Pilly at 25. She got 7.5 ml of Caprinec the others got 20. Did that yesterday. Tomorrow second drenching. 10 days after that I’ll re-test them and 2 weeks from tomorrow I’ll re-drench.

Hopefully this’ll fix it.