Goat booster and piggie incursion

Busy day yesterday. I gave the goats their booster for the Glanvac though I think I missed Monty thanks to my awful needle skills.

AND to my horror the boys and girls piggies were all happily running together yesterday. We split them in a hurry but expect more babies. 

In other news, Robin Hood, a new piggie came to us as a rescue 2 weeks ago. After a few days in quarantine in the old chook pen he is now with the others. While in quarantine he shared with our returning rooster Storm who had an injured leg. Storm’s leg came good in a couple of weeks but shortly after he started having trouble standing. I suspected some form of Mareks though very fast. After the usual worming etc I tried giving him 3 ml injectable vitamin C and 1/2 pill of Miley’s anti inflammatory. The next day he was heaps better walking quite well and crowing. But the day after he was terrible again. I decided not to treat him again as it would just prologue his agony. He was dead that night (3 days ago). Very sad!