Study trip

we gave just finished our 2 weeks in Queensland and we’ve picked up a bunch of ideas for expanding the farm visit business.

The main ideas that have emerged from this trip are:

1. Educational bee hives

2. Overnight farm experience

3. Berry patch

1. In order to safely have the kids interact with the bees we may need to have a hive with a clear side and adjoin it to a window. This could be done by cutting out a viewing window in the craft shed or by using the sunroom. Placing walls made of fly screen strategically can then help make sure the bees stay away from kids. 


viewing hives. bit high tech but great.
Must also workout what kind of hive, currently leaning towards a foundationless langstroth where the bees have 2 bottom boxes to themselves which I never open. The top box can then be a Flow hive light with 3-4 flow frames in the middle and foundationless frames on either side to get comb and wax.

2. For this we need to fit 4 beds in the blue room. This can be done with a loft bed, or a queen and bunk. A cool idea would be to build a platform above the current queen for 2 kids mattresses to be.  We would also need a decent veggie patch

The experience would be a summer only to start with so that meals can be served outside or in the sunroom. 

People would arrive around 4-5 pm and be served one of Damian’s berry and mint mockstails on arrival. Then we’d go and pick some veggies for the pizza. While that’s being made we can collect eggs. 

After dinner we’d go for a spotlight wildlife tour.

In the morning we’d milk the goat then have the milk with pancakes made from our eggs and berries and honey and yoghurt. 

After brekkie we’d feed everyone then finish with…. Need a final activity. (Maybe cheese making it honey collection. Take home a small jar). They leave at 11 am.

3. Would be nice to have a mixed berry patch where people can pick their own. This would be on top of our house berries  

strawberry field

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