Cold is white then re-batch

After having issues with gel rings lately I decided to try a few adjustments to my process to prevent the soap from undergoing gel phase. Interestingly, the shampoo bar I had erupt on me a while back, has no ring. I now know that is probably because it went through a full gel phase.

I read that wooden miles retain the heat so I lined the mild and put it in the freeze for many hours before using it. 

I used frozen milk as always and the recipe below as a palm free alternative to the milk and honey. 


lovely and white with soecks but too crumbly to cut
also added 2 eggs in the pot at trace

I soaped very cool with the lye solution at 19C and the oils at 35, everything stayed white. I mixed some soap with egg and swirled it around but it just gave the soap specks. Still, very attractive. 
The I put it in the freezer overnight and in a cold room for a day but when I tried cutting it it was brittle. Will leave it to cure further.

After a few days it was still brittle and impossible to cut, so sadly I couldn’t use my perfectly white soap. A bit of researched showed that loss of heat, too severe and too fast after soaping was the likely issue.

The only solution : re-batch. So I made my first re-batch soap. I broke the brittle soap into pieces and put it in a double boiler with a couple of tablespoons of water. Later I added some honey. It took a while but eventually got pretty liquid so I poured it back in my wooden mold. A few hours later it was ready to cut. Certainly no longer white but sellable. 

melting the soap in the double boiler


NOTE: this recipe sold well at the Captain’s flat markets. Also, I had a piece that I didn’t re/batch and when I tried cutting it 5 weeks after making it, it wasn’t brittle any more.


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