Shampoo bar experiment

I found what looked like a nice shampoo bar recipe plus I got my new molds… So I just had to try them out! 

Of course, I couldn’t help myself and had to slightly modify the recipe… SoapCalc told me the original recipe was too soft so I tried to fix it… This is the recipe I came up with  

my version of the almond and beeswax shampoo bar recipe

I of course used milk as the liquid, this time I had it frozen in a rectangular glass food container. That worked best. Nice and stable plus fits inside some of my plastic containers so I can have it in a bath of ice water. I have enough surface area to spread the lye and it makes things heaps easier.

I strained the beeswax and made sure I didn’t cool the oils too much to avoid seizing like last time I used beeswax. I even managed to minimise the bubbles by slightly reding the wax before pouring it in the oils. All great.

I decided to just make a textured top as I didn’t think I’d have time to do colours before it went solid. Wise idea! I also added a bit TBS of honey.

All was going great and I added the lye at about 85F to the oils at about 150F as I was worried the beeswax would go solid otherwise. Still all went great and I pour it easily in the mold. 

Then I covered and put it in the spare room (quite a cold place). 1 hr later the top was solid, the Middle gluppy and the top had turned dark brown. WHAT?? I think it cooked too quickly in that room, but I can’t be sure.

Fortunately this morning all was well. Maybe a bit darker than I would have hoped, but great nonetheless. 🙂




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