Test batch a bit soft

Tried this recipe with water 4 days ago and was surprised at how soft it is… We’ll see as it cures. 


A few days on all seems well and the cut bars seem to be hardening well



Shampoo bar experiment

I found what looked like a nice shampoo bar recipe plus I got my new molds… So I just had to try them out! 

Of course, I couldn’t help myself and had to slightly modify the recipe… SoapCalc told me the original recipe was too soft so I tried to fix it… This is the recipe I came up with  

my version of the almond and beeswax shampoo bar recipe

I of course used milk as the liquid, this time I had it frozen in a rectangular glass food container. That worked best. Nice and stable plus fits inside some of my plastic containers so I can have it in a bath of ice water. I have enough surface area to spread the lye and it makes things heaps easier.

I strained the beeswax and made sure I didn’t cool the oils too much to avoid seizing like last time I used beeswax. I even managed to minimise the bubbles by slightly reding the wax before pouring it in the oils. All great.

I decided to just make a textured top as I didn’t think I’d have time to do colours before it went solid. Wise idea! I also added a bit TBS of honey.

All was going great and I added the lye at about 85F to the oils at about 150F as I was worried the beeswax would go solid otherwise. Still all went great and I pour it easily in the mold. 

Then I covered and put it in the spare room (quite a cold place). 1 hr later the top was solid, the Middle gluppy and the top had turned dark brown. WHAT?? I think it cooked too quickly in that room, but I can’t be sure.

Fortunately this morning all was well. Maybe a bit darker than I would have hoped, but great nonetheless. 🙂



Sometimes things are SIMPLE

Usually things are always harder than you think, so it’s nice when things are just simple. 

Today I received my first proper soap molds and just couldn’t resist trying them right away. I tried the simplest ever recipe as I search for something I can use for a soap making workshop I’m running next September. The recipe is as simple as they come and my first ever recipe without milk.

Strangely, in spite of it only having 2 oils, this recipe seems balanced according to soap calc so I can’t wait to try it.

Of course, me being me, I didn’t review the paperwork that came with the molds properly so my recipe only filled 1 mold and 1/2. Oh well, I’ll know for next time.

The recipe is :

Coconut oil 76deg 29% and olive oil 71%. Plus water as 38% of oils and lye with 5% superfat.

To be honest I don’t know if my coconut is 76 or 92 deg but it doesn’t seem to make a difference, I mixed oils and lye water when they were both between 100F and 130F in fact I think the water was 118 and the oils 110. 

With so much olive oil it may need a longer cure but we’ll see 🙂


This is getting repetitive!

So more llama injections today. The Luer Lock syringes with the gun needles worked well. I gave:

  • Connie: 10 ml hideject (500,000IU ADE) and 10 ml   Cophos
  • Carol was also put in the crush and got the same as Connie plus we finally did her nails.
  • Renata : 3 ml hidejecr and 5 ml Cophos
  • Reba as above but I wonder if I gave her the full dose.

This is how grumpy they all were at the end! 

Yesterday I also noticed Ariel had quite a cut in her nostril, probably from blackberry. I cleaned it with a baby wipe and sprayed it carefully with cartridgen. Today she’s almost as good as new! 

New soap recipe

In my quest to make soap with as many ingredients from our farm and neighbouring ones, I tried a recipe which uses olive oil and beeswax from the neighbours, milk and eggs from us and only requires coconut and castor oil as extras.

I’d love to drop the castor oil but apparently beeswax inhibits bubbles so castor oil should compensate for that… We’ll see. I should also note that the olive oil in this particular batch is from the supermarket as I still had some left, so using the actual one from the neighbour in the future may change results. 

Given that I am so impatient I ended up throwing one more new thing at this recipe, the use of eggs. The plan was to split the batch into 2 and add eggs to one so that it’s make the soap 2 layers. Well, that sort of worked… Read on 🙂

The recipe I made up  makes 2 kg of soap and it is :

  • Beeswax 100g
  • Castor oil 200g
  • Coconut oil 900g
  • Olive oil 800g
  • Goat’s milk 760g
  • Lye 290.39g
  • 2 duck eggs
  • 1 TBS honey

I thought I stopped mixing it at a very light trace but once I tried to pour it out it suddenly went semi-solid. So my design with the egg-soap was not much of anything. The batch with the egg actually stayed a lot more liquid but the other batch just set super fast. I think it must have been the beeswax. 

So this recipe filled both my small loaf molds plus the cupcake mold. This turned out a bit of a mess as I was working with semi-solid soap.

the straight batch , ready to unmold less than 24 hrs on.


this one has a thin layer of egg soap on too.
Ended up re batching this as it developed a bad gel ring ‘ads 15 bats in the mold plus about 10 cupcakes so to talk packaged price is $1.14/ bar 

Rebatched into the ugly duckling- not a very good seller. 

Four and a slip

Four more piggies born to mum Rainbow yesterday. Peppa is still going and looking MASSIVE, hopefully she’ll have them before she explodes, poor thing! I think Rainbow’s litter is 2 boys and 2 girls but it wasn’t as obvious as with Sage’s bubs.

Last night it was -7 but the hot water bottle extra straw and cardboard kept all the piggies alive and happy. 


This morning though Carol llama was limping with her left front leg. I think she just slipped in the frost as she is heaps better tonight. Still sore but moving with the herd and putting weight on it.