Pears and jabs

While we wait for our own fruit trees to feed us and give us enough to preserve we are trying to be regulars at the farmers markets. 

Today we picked up some pears which I have canned with a little bit of honey. To 2 L of water I added 2 TBS of honey and 4 TBS of lemon juice. This is not very sweet at all but I can always add more honey when I eat them 🙂 


On the animal front, this morning  I put Connie in the crush to jab her again. It’s been a while and she had been getting worse again, which hopefully means the vitamins are the right cure. I was waiting  for some larger Luer lock syringes but they still have not arrived so I decided to just go ahead and give her more vitamns anyway. I gave her 9 ml of ADE 500 000IU and 9 ml Cophos. That is 6 jabs with my little 3 ml syringes. Poor girl. We were both covered in spit by the end but hopefully it was worth it. Repeat in 2 weeks. Might need to do Carol soon too as her back legs look a bit bent.

Last update, we planted most of the garlic last week. Some in the half wine barrels, some in with the fruit trees in the big pen and some next to the tank ring in the new veggies patch. Strangely the latter lot seems to be growing best so far…


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