Reducing numbers??

I know that I started this blog with the resolution of reducing animal numbers and I have sold several chooks and have put 2 llamas up for sale but then… We just bought a new goat 🙂 

Lillypilly arrives at Tatum Hills Farm

As Monty gets bigger he seems to really need a playmate. I went back to the lady who sold us Tag to see if she had any more for sale and she offered us Lillypilly a tiny girl, Toggenburg- Angle Nubian cross. She was born last 28 January as part of triplets from mum Skippy. Skippy has incredible milk production but in this last kidding she started producing so much colostrum she needed to be milked before giving birth… Hopefully Lillypilly won’t follow in her mum’s footsteps. 

Skippy and her other kids were sold sometime ago and I think little LP got separated a bit early from mum. She’s been trying to drink from Tag but has so far failed. She is also mad keen on salt and mineral licks… Missing something I reckon but hopefully she’ll be good soon.

Anyway, the little one is active and happy and very knowledgeable about goat etiquette so is coping great with making friends with her new family. Tag is less than impressed about the new addition and Monty is worming up to his new sister. 

Monty playing nice

To introduce them, we put LP in the old pen for an explore then introduced the others. It went well. This was 2 days ago. Yesterday I opened up the netting area to introduce LP to electric fencing. When she got zapped she went away not through it so that’s great! 

In other news, the vet came for Connie llama yesterday.  He found she was in very good condition overall and said that some of them just get soft on their joints and there’s not much you can do about it, though he admitted his diagnosis was mainly based on what they see in horses. He even advised against doing bloods as he said they’d very likely be normal. He said it was a good idea to keep giving her and the others extra vitamins but he wasn’t particularly helpful there either. Anyway, at least I know she is not likely to die on me and that the extra vitamins won’t hurt her. I only wish the more concentrated ones I ordered would arrive… it’s been over a week and I have not been able to contact the seller… which is very concerning given that they did take my money.

I also did some clicker training with Rubick and he did great… Now I need to work out how to teach him to stand still while I approach.


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