The good vitamin

A couple of days ago I noticed Connie walking really low on her front patterns. I posted some pictures on FB and the consensus seems to be that she is likely suffering from vitamin D deficiency. 

Connie’s walk

We give six monthly ADE injections to our llamas between the ages of 6 months and 2 years on vet advice but obviously we should be doing more. Also it turns out that some people give 3 ml of a product containing 500,000 IU per ml of D3 whereas we were giving 2 ml of something containing only 50,000 IU. So maybe our her just isn’t getting enough.

We were also feeding a fortified feed but again, maybe not enough.

So the plan is now as follows: 

1. Everyone will have Livamol (powdered vitamin supplement) as free choice in the paddock plus sprinkled on their chaff. 

2. I have injected everyone with 2 ml of the lower concentration stuff today as I wait for the other product (hideject) to come .

3. I have ordered another product (Cophos) for them to get. Each animal is meant to have 5 ml of this. 

4. Connie received the injection today and is due for weekly injections for 4 weeks though I may give her one every couple of days until the hideject comes then start on the 4 week treatment. 

5. I am thinking of doing the same with Carol (Connie’s daughter) as she has been walking funny since giving birth.

6. I will jab everyone again, including Milton with the hideject when it comes… NOT looking forward to it!

7. We will then start a six monthly regimen for the whole herd. 

As a note. Spot, Connie’s son was very keen on the Livamol.

I may also inject the goats with vitamins, will check with FB page.

I am waiting for the vet to call me back to run this plan past her.


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