Swirls on a rainy day

it was a rainy day yesterday so we decided to make some soap … And bread and cake!

We used our milk and honey soap recipe which worked well in the past but decided not to add the oatmeal as we wanted a smooth soap.

Milk and honey soap

1.8 kg olive oil 
6 cups raw milk (236ml x 6 = 1416ml) from our goat 
1.13 kg organic coconut oil
680 g sustainable palm oil
473 g lye
4 Tbs honey- we used raw honey
Purple and green micas
1 cup ground oats- we didnt use this time
50 g essential oil – we don’t use this time 

I say WE as I had some valuable help from my little one who was keen to help me with our first ever swirls.

In my last supply order, I got some micas and really wanted to try swirling, but since this recipe makes 5 kg of soap we decided to only try the colours in part of it in case it didn’t work. 

I had previously weighed the milk and frozen it in a glass Jar. My thinking was that with such a large container I could just add the lye without worrying about scorching the milk and turning it yellow.   

Bad idea. As the surface area at the top of the jar was small, after a bit of milk had melted the lye didn’t get to the frozen milk below and it started to scratch the milk.

the liquid milk on top is going yellow

To help with this issue I had to pour the milk out to be able to put more lye on the frozen milk below. I had to repeat this a few times. I put the container with the milk and lye in the fridge but the concentration of lye in there was huge and the milk turned bright orange. Luckily when I then added it to the rest of the milk it turned a more acceptable shade of yellow and it is actually pretty light now that it has dried off a bit.   

fresh milk and honey soap

BUT it took ages to mix the lye in so I think freezing the milk in bags then putting it into a bowl is a better option.

As for the swirling, we put about a teaspoon of colour in a small bowl and added a ladle of soap. It worked well but it was way too much for our small test batch.  

fresh swirls

So we made two extra little colourful soap cupcakes with the leftovers.  

soap cupcakes

Now for the long 4 week wait before we can use the soap… 


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