Vally got moved

Last week we finally moved Valentine, our cryptorchidic llama into the boy’s paddock. He had been very hard to deal with. Clearly his second testicle that didn’t descend is in there somewhere so his behaviour is that of a teenage stud. Not good. And he has been really challenging who’s boss. This resulted in several confrontations with me and Damian and I think we mostly won… other than when he spat at me straight in the face and I had to run off with chaff in  my eyes.

Anyway, I was worried about moving him as our boys still have their fighting teeth intact and I was concerned he might get hurt… well credit to them. There was only minimal fighting and no blood at all. Great. Valentine is as grumpy as ever and still trying to get back to the girls, but he can’t get through the fence. So he is staying where he is.

I have been trying to go there to say hello a lot but he is hard to deal with. I had to use Spot for a tour the other day as Vally was spitting at me heaps. Very sad. Hopefully he’ll settle soon. I’ll try approaching him again and taking him for a little walk on the weekend…


Valentine on his birthday walk


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