Zebra stripes facial soap

Made a single batch of zebra stripes soap

Used 1810g oils and it fills the mould but isn’t enough for a high top.

The batch behaved well, though got a bit gloppy towards the end, could have mixed it less at the beginning to account for extra mixing after additives.

At trace I added the eo as follows:

4 g peppermint- 14 orange- 16 grapefruit. (10-40-50%)

Then split the batch roughly in 2.

To one I added 2 heaped tsp of titanium dioxide (didn’t disperse it into anything so not sure if it’ll cause issues.) and a big glup (maybe 3/4 cup?) of pre- pulverised oatmeal I think this got totally disintegrated while bar mixing the soap.

To the other half I added 3 heaped tsp of activated charcoal

Then poured in lines up and down the mould, doing 2-3 lines then switching colour and so on.

This is the recipe. Soaped nearly cold

Then did a bit of swirling on the top.


Rosemary not so good

Did a double batch of Royalty soaps recipe yesterday. Used green mica for the colour but it was t strong enough. Also use rosemary tea for the water and rosemary infused olive oil.
Used 70% rosemary and 30% peppermint essential oil at the 2% amount from the calculator.
There was some ricing.
Not sure it’ll be very pretty.
Did some oil mica swirls on top to save it a bit.

Lotions and potions

Made three new recipes last night.
All went well, but I found the lotion bar recipe at 85g for each ingredient did not fill the mould. Try 110 g next time.

The lip balm recipe was very quick to set so pouring was a challenge, and double the recipe of the bath melts did not fill two moulds… maybe I did something wrong…

I used grapefruit essential oil for the lotion bars, orange for the lip balm and lavender for the bath melts.

Goat love and sleepless wombat

Spike the goat buck is still with us and we’ve been putting a Lillypilly in with him regularly. BUT on 6 August, Tag got in there too. She had some clear discharge when I found her so there’s a good chance she is now pregnant too… oh dear….

In other news, our local wombat has been out during the day a lot. The local sanctuary doesn’t think it’s just huger, it could be the start of menge. Damian just squirted him with 4 ml Ausmectin… fingers crossed he gets better soon.