Sad sad news and worms

Lillypilly died on 19 Jan 2019. Babies are doing ok.

Tag and Monty tested around 1000 worms so I now treated with caprimec. 23ml for Tag and 30 for Monty, they both spat out a bit but not much. The product expires a few mo the ago but was stored in fridge so will give it a go.


One re-stock one new

1. Made the lavender swirl winter wonderland shampoo bars again. Tried a two toned purple design but both sheds cane out the sane.

Also I left the lavender infusing in the lye water for several days and the water was very brown. I was worried this would make the the soap very yellow and turn the purple brown so I added TD to the purple. That was a mistake as it diluted the purple without being necessary as the uncoloured soap turned out white anyway.

Also this was made on a very hot day and it was super soft but I don’t think I could water discount further or I won’t have time for the design.

2. The workshop recipe is so replicable and easy to use but ashes badly so decided to work with it and make a white soap. Added poppy seeds for interest. Glad I didn’t add TD as it wasn’t necessary in spite of the dark orange eo.

Tried a further water discount for this recipe which worked great and a SF 6 as I sometimes I find it a bit harsh. We’ll see…

Pilly’s babies!

Lillypilly had triplets on 30 Dec 2018.

We noticed she was in labour at 7.15 am with mucus coming out. By 10.30 Stella came out. Very tiny, followed by bright yellow liquid (meconium). She took 3-4 contractions about 1.30- 1.50 min apart to fully cone out. After a short break Harvey was born. Almost an hour later we thought the placenta was coming but Clementine came out flying.

Stella is very small but strong and keen. The others are super healthy.

Pilly had lots of milk so we bottle fed Stella colostrum as she could not stand for almost 24 hrs. Now she can drink mostly unassisted.

Pilly took a beating, was really exhausted. and didn’t pass the placenta.

Vet came at 11 on 31 Dec. gave Pilly oxytocin, penicillin and melacam. She got very bubbly but only for a few hours.

Thankfully Pilly has been eating and drinking well throughout.

We don’t know if she passed the placenta. She has been very particular about eating it.

But she has improved a lot. She is still bleeding and slow but seems on the mend. More antibiotics on 3 Jan.

She seems to have ran out of milk but that’s because the babies are already stripping her. They are bouncy and are doing plenty of poos and wees.

The heat has been very nasty so today we moved them to the rooster pen

Jojoba shampoo other option

Since last time I tried this recipe it misbehaved a bit, I made it again, this time with a yellow rather than purple theme as I think I’ll keep the Winter Wonderland recipe as a lavender shampoo.

This time all went well other the. Possibly the in the pot swirl getting mixed a little too much as I poured into a spout container then in the mould. Hard to tell for sure until the base colour goes lighter.

Update: I think using water = 1.5 x lye might be better as it’s a very soft recipe.

Stamped them with butterfly and flower in yellow clay but I think the butterfly alone would have been better