Pink scraps experiment

Tried another scraps soap. This tie I promise I will wait to cut.

I realised after pouring that maybe I need a deeper mould next time as the beauty is in the cut. Will use the little green loaf Mold next time.

Wanted a very hard soap so tried 100% coconut with 20% superfat. The coconut oil went hard before I could soap so some got left on the sides resulting in a slightly lower superfat I think.

Used pink clay (A heaped 1/2 teaspoon) and geranium, clary sage and orange eo. Diluted the clay in a bit of the milk, added that and the rest of the milk at trace. The trace was super light and it took quite a bit of mixing.


Parsley flop

Tried using parsley as green colour as I had seen suggested on a forum.

Blended a bunch, strained it and added it to the lye water. It is very green but one day on it is very faint.

Of course It is a bit hard to see also due to the mould and decoration issues I had.

Plan was to do an in the pot swirl with green (parsley lye water plus extra parsley added) and yellow (parsley lye and Brazilian yellow clay), the pour into a vertical round mould.

Mould leaked so transferred to square silicone and the colours got mixed a bit too much in the process. The. I panicked and added bits of parsley purée in top, which now looks like mould 😦

Part of the issue was also that I left the batter way too thin as I was using litsea eo for the first time and was worried about acceleration… it didn’t and soaps stayed super soft.

This was the Royalty soaps recipe. Found it easy to work with and I mould but very soft.

Shampoo bar 1

I found two shampoo bar recipes I want to try.

Made the first one 2 days ago. Recipe behaved beautifully and so did the essential oils. Did a 50/50 bergamot/ cederwood.

Coloured half of it with a little wheatgrass powder dissolved in oil. Also worked well and didn’t turn brown, but the green isn’t contrasting enough with the yellow base so the design is a bit dull.

Recipe made enough for 15 cavities of the pink silicon moulds.

Two days on the bars still struggle to come out of the mould. Difinately adding sodium lactate next time.

One week on and the bars still smell amazing. Starting to larger up nicely too.